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Why Recruiters must think like e-Marketers

Inspired by Aliah D. Wright article at The game of recruiting has changed—this much is obvious. However, “the mind-set of the recruiter hasn’t changed since the early 1970s,” said Geoff Webb, senior strategic sourcer for Aon Hewitt in Toronto. It is still the same process; place an advertisement and wait for resumes and applications […]

What is your candidate interviewing process?

Understanding the candidates that you interview is a tricky endeavour. HR folk go through a lot of information to sniff out who is the best fit. To make things more challenging, candidates have gotten smart on how they present themselves—they write good résumés, give the right answers during interviews, and even give references that will […]

Video Interviews and Competency-Based-Interviews

As technology advances, the way businesses are conducted shifts accordingly. This leads to a change in the landscape for job roles—some then have changed and while others are made obsolete. What this mean for job seekers and employers is that the availability of skills that job seekers have currently, does not match the skills needed […]

The Future of Recruitment

What is the future for recruiters? Listen to Greg Savage as he talks about the shifts in the recruitment business and what he foresees the future to be. In this webinar, Savage tells about: What corporations are actually paying recruiters to do How recruiters will be bypassed if shifts are not made to how recruiters […]

SMEs to get more support

Singapore Government to provide support for SMEs

In his National Day Rally speech last night, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that Singapore has reached a turning point. This signalled a time for change and PM Lee highlighted some areas that the government can look at to support individuals. Some of these areas for change include public services like housing, education and […]

What employers look for in an interview

There are many ways to leave a good impression with employers, but one great method is to ask good questions. This way, you look smart by asking the “right” questions and also get a better understanding of the role and company (this helps you to decide if you should take the offer when it comes). […]

5 common hiring mistakes

Inspired by Lee Colan’s article in, here is our take on this issue. 1. Hiring Decisions are made by just your “gut” and not together with your head While we are not against using your “gut” to make decisions, we feel that your “gut” is influenced by the things that you can consciously pick […]

The best of career planning

Conventional thinking always encourages us to forms plans for everything. It is no different with our careers. However, operating in the environment that we work it, we have found that the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry. This phrase was of course coined by Robert Burns in his poetry. What then, […]

Is the stress from your job killing you?

It is without a doubt that many of us face a high level of stress from work. Occupational stress, as it is officially termed, can be either eustress or distress. Eustress is positive or good stress, whereas distress is the stress reactions to those events or actions seen as negative. It has been said before […]

New Foreign Labour Market for Singapore businesses

With the tightening of employments laws in Singapore, HR practitioners have gotten smart. Based on an AsiaOne article, it seems like F&B businesses are looking at Taiwan to fill in the supply. We did our own digging and understand that foreign labour in Singapore is separated into 3 Tiers. It is unclear which tier Taiwanese […]