Video Introduction Tips

It is always puzzling how people—in general—become “shy” when placed in front of a camera. So there have been questions about how to look good when making their own video introductions on

So we decided to compile a list of tips to help you out. This comes from the thousands of videos that we have watched and here are some good practices to keep in mind:

1. Be natural
Chances are, you want to show everyone the best about you. But keep this in mind, if your natural self is not someone that they are looking for, you are better off not working with them. Then again, you would still want to be professional, don’t be a slob and start picking your nose or appear on the video looking like you just woke up.

2. Calm your nerves
Obviously you are nervous. This will show in your video introduction. Do your recording knowing that the recruiters watching the video actually want you to succeed; they are hoping that you will be the candidate that they are looking for.

3. Know your material
Since you are going to be talking about yourself, you already know the material. Pick anecdotes, stories that you can share that highlights your skills, personality and how you might go about things. With stories, you won’t easily forget what to say and stories are more engaging then a list of skills and/or traits that you have.

4. Be comfortable
Set your environment. You should be fairly comfortable and away from all possible distractions. Pick a quiet place and time and let those around you know what you are doing and that you will need some quiet time. Also, remember that video introductions can be re-recorded, so try it out and see how it works. Most people have a few tries before they are comfortable.

5. Concentrate on what you want to say
Imagine that you are meeting someone that you know well and this is just a chat to talk about yourself, your skills & experiences and what you’ve done or learned while in school.

If you are able to follow these 5 simple tips, I am sure you will do well. As a final tip, speak clearly, relax and try to smile.

Good luck for your job hunt!

You can also check out our step-by-step guide here:


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