Upping Productivity

Courtesy Flickr - Sean MacEntee

Courtesy Flickr – Sean MacEntee

There are many management gurus out there touting the best practices for improving productivity of staff and offering means to make staff more successful at work. They generally contain similar themes and here is my quick summary of the usual advice given out:

  • Provide good incentives and benefits for everyone; you pay for what you get, yes?
  • Provide adequate training; while companies spend on training for top management, how about the lower rungs? That is actually when training is needed most.
  • Provide self-esteem incentives; we are all human and need to feel good about ourselves. Give praise and recognition, develop a culture of respect for the individuals in the company and the work that is done.
  • Provide channels for support and feedback; nothing is worse than feeling alone. Have channels for employees to voice concerns, appoint people to look out for employees and their needs (include work needs like tools and equipment or emotional support)

However, the more interesting list that I read recently involved can be found here.


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