is a platform that focuses on changing the way people think about the job interview process. We work with employers, recruiters and even job seekers in an ecosystem that re-looks at the interviewing process and provides tools for a better and more efficient way of doing things.

For Employers
Typically, our corporate users are those who:
—didn’t want to spend any more time with bad candidate interviews.
—desired only to meet candidates that were of the right fit

We believe that your time is precious, and it should not be wasted on bad interviews. Meet only the right candidates by with On-Demand Video Interviews. With this solution, you are able to review candidate responses as a team and are better able to make decisions on who made the cut quickly. The end result—higher quality candidate interviews with a reduction in the time and cost per successful hire. Sign up here.

For Job Seekers
You have your unique skills and abilities. However, you will need a platform to showcase yourself and stand out from the crowd. Create video introductions of yourself with us as well as participate in real job interviews through our platform. Let your potential employers watch and listen to what you have to say! Sign up here.

For Recruiters
We believe that there is a better way for Recruiter to reach out to job seekers and potential clients. Utilise the various tools available through our platform; social broadcasting, candidate profile management and even video interviews. Also, use the recruiter professional profile pages to showcase your profile and search assignments to tell job seekers and prospective clients what you have and can do for them. Sign up here.

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