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Singapore National Job Bank

Singapore—In a new ruling to weed out discriminatory hiring practices, the Ministry of Manpower has mandated that jobs paying less than S$12,000 a month must be listed on a National Job Bank for two weeks before being offered a foreigner. According to a survey of 100 local employers by, 54% said it will hinder […]

Do Taller People Make More Money?

  Can being 6-foot tall bring you an additional $1K per annum? Are taller people perceived as more intelligent and powerful? Arianne Cohen, The author of “The Tall Book” further claims that people are making $789 more per inch per year! So what’s your height?

Mistakes that HR makes

1. Hiring People Just Like Yourself This one is an easy one to be guilty of and many often do not realise that they are doing it. Some even may not find anything wrong with this practice. However, we feel that this practice is flawed. When hiring, companies want the best they can get, and […]

More business with Singapore’s Terminal 5 (T5) Airport? Do we have what it takes?

News excerpts from Channel News Asia Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB) believes that it is not just about increasing job opportunities but also to promote more business and tourism related services. Positioning Singapore as a cargo and logistics hub seems to have its own allure to foreign investors. However, the challenge would definitely be in […]

SMEs to get more support

Singapore Government to provide support for SMEs

In his National Day Rally speech last night, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that Singapore has reached a turning point. This signalled a time for change and PM Lee highlighted some areas that the government can look at to support individuals. Some of these areas for change include public services like housing, education and […]