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The Power of a Handwritten Note

As a social experiment, someone in San Francisco wanted to understand the power of a handwritten letters. People interviewed generally responded that they; Get a lot of emails Feel an overload of information Are unexcited about getting an email Have not received a handwritten letter in years (if ever) Importantly, with handwritten letters, they felt […]

Staff Burnout

In a fast-paced business environment, many of us feel the need to excel at work by doing more, doing it faster and perhaps in a more cost effective way. That is how most businesses are run. It is no wonder why staff burnout is becoming a commonplace. According to actalliance, a community based psychological support […]

Upping Productivity

There are many management gurus out there touting the best practices for improving productivity of staff and offering means to make staff more successful at work. They generally contain similar themes and here is my quick summary of the usual advice given out: Provide good incentives and benefits for everyone; you pay for what you […]

Mistakes that HR makes

1. Hiring People Just Like Yourself This one is an easy one to be guilty of and many often do not realise that they are doing it. Some even may not find anything wrong with this practice. However, we feel that this practice is flawed. When hiring, companies want the best they can get, and […]

SMEs to get more support

Singapore Government to provide support for SMEs

In his National Day Rally speech last night, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that Singapore has reached a turning point. This signalled a time for change and PM Lee highlighted some areas that the government can look at to support individuals. Some of these areas for change include public services like housing, education and […]

HR Trends 2014 by SAP

Technology is everywhere. Even for an area that is traditionally viewed as a human function, HR is increasingly adopting even more technologies to make it processes and decision making efficient with the use of technology. This article explores the trends that SAP sees for 2014 and explores what the role of technology can be for […]

Where is HR in the use of data?

Big data is a big nowadays. Pardon the pun. Today, many businesses are utilising the power of data to help them make better decisions and optimise spending. Can this approach can be use for HR as well? Yes, it can. HR practitioners have many challenges; turnover rates, payroll, benefits, recruitment, retention, succession planning… The list […]

An Economist’s Approach to Recruitment

Here is a thought leadership piece from Forbes on talent sourcing. To start, it is based on a study undertaken by Deloitte and published in its Human Capital Trends 2013 report. The report covers 7 trends for 2013 and this article covers one area. The key question in then is “how do we fill the […]