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You Are Being Judged.

Welcome to judgement. Whatever the job or company, it is an inevitable part of the job hunt. Perhaps you have been told before or maybe you have taken a module on interview skills, whatever the case, I invite you to think about the following… What are interviewers looking to determine during the interview process? They […]

Make Better Recruiting Decisions

During the recruitment process, two key questions are asked: Who do I appoint? Who do I ignore? The success of a company or at least the department involved can rest on this appointment. So it is not something to do take lightly. However, if you are indecisive and just stringing candidates along before you reach […]

How to create your own Video Introduction

If you want to be noticed by recruiters, forget the standard résumé. Recruiters receive tons of these everyday. How do you stand out then? Simply send them a link that contains all the information about you; work history, education, skills and most importantly a video introduction of yourself. If a picture paints a thousands words, […]

Here is why video interviews are essential:

Here is why video interviews are essential: Have you ever met a candidate that was a complete waste of time? Many companies face this issue as well—conducting bad interviews that lead to productive time being wasted. This means to mounting recruitment costs and delays to the time-to-hire. With video interview, this challenge is a thing […]