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You Are Being Judged.

Welcome to judgement. Whatever the job or company, it is an inevitable part of the job hunt. Perhaps you have been told before or maybe you have taken a module on interview skills, whatever the case, I invite you to think about the following… What are interviewers looking to determine during the interview process? They […]

Find the RIGHT people, not the Best people.

Employer Branding—Who Cares?

What is an employer brand? Branding is a perception of any stakeholder of your organisation: from current employees to potential employees. What do they think of your organisation—how do you conduct yourself, what is it like to work for you? The logical conclusion is that you want to show your organisation as a good employer, […]

Referral Schemes—Just Another Gimmick?

Job boards could be losing it. There are 2 surveys out there that tell us that. CareerXRoads found that referrals accounted for 28% of hires compared to just 20.1% for job boards. In another study, Jobvite report even more dismal results that said that referrals account for 40% of hires and jobs boards for just […]

Singapore National Job Bank

Singapore—In a new ruling to weed out discriminatory hiring practices, the Ministry of Manpower has mandated that jobs paying less than S$12,000 a month must be listed on a National Job Bank for two weeks before being offered a foreigner. According to a survey of 100 local employers by, 54% said it will hinder […]

Resume Mistakes

As a recruitment technology company, we are sometimes mistaken by job seekers for a recruitment consultant / recruiter. When this happens, job seekers write in to our enquiry pages to apply for jobs. However, very often we will see terribly written resumes—those that we know our clients won’t want and neither will we. So we […]

Stand out with Sight, Sound & Motion

When speaking with Recruiters, a common sentiment is shared by all of them: They go through many job applications every day—paper after paper, page after page, applicant after applicant. So how can you stand out? It is a rather known fact that the combination of Sight, Sound & Motion convey strong messages that no other […]

Video Introduction Tips

It is always puzzling how people—in general—become “shy” when placed in front of a camera. So there have been questions about how to look good when making their own video introductions on So we decided to compile a list of tips to help you out. This comes from the thousands of videos that we […]

Why Talent Acquisition has to be Proactive (and how to do it)

I read with curiosity the report by LinkedIn on Global Recruitment Trends. It covered in the report that the top 5 priorities of talent acquisition leaders are: 1. Recruiting/sourcing highly-skilled talent 2. Pipeline talent 3. Improving quality of hire 4. Improving sourcing techniques 5. Employer brand The above ranking was based on the Southeast Asia […]