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There has to be a better way

This is incredulous. What made this job seeker think that he could do something like that and get away with it. Sure, he achieved the objective of getting noticed… But for all the wrong reasons. There is a better way to showcase yourself better to employers.   Read more here >>> Advertisements

The Funny Side of HR

We all have had those jokes about our HR departments, even the HR folk themselves! So what are some of the jokes that you’ve had? Share with them us! Check out a collection of some of them here.

Labour Report—Singapore 2013 Quarter 2

The latest Labour Market Report by MOM is out. It covers the statistics from Quarter 2 (Q2) of this year. The numbers show that employment growth is still high with 33,700 jobs created and total employment was at 3,420,200 in June 2013. The seasonally adjusted vacancies declined over the quarter by 5.1% in June 2013, […]

How Would You Like to be Able to Fire Your Co-workers?

Have you ever worked with someone who is simply does not put in their weight in the company? Or perhaps they are simply the wrong fit? If that is the case, we should bring into Singapore the latest reality show that is airing in the US. The Fox Network in the US launched a new […]

More business with Singapore’s Terminal 5 (T5) Airport? Do we have what it takes?

News excerpts from Channel News Asia Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB) believes that it is not just about increasing job opportunities but also to promote more business and tourism related services. Positioning Singapore as a cargo and logistics hub seems to have its own allure to foreign investors. However, the challenge would definitely be in […]

5 common hiring mistakes

Inspired by Lee Colan’s article in, here is our take on this issue. 1. Hiring Decisions are made by just your “gut” and not together with your head While we are not against using your “gut” to make decisions, we feel that your “gut” is influenced by the things that you can consciously pick […]