Singapore—In a new ruling to weed out discriminatory hiring practices, the Ministry of Manpower has mandated that jobs paying less than S$12,000 a month must be listed on a National Job Bank for two weeks before being offered a foreigner. According to a survey of 100 local employers by, 54% said it will hinder […]

During the recruitment process, two key questions are asked: Who do I appoint? Who do I ignore? The success of a company or at least the department involved can rest on this appointment. So it is not something to do take lightly. However, if you are indecisive and just stringing candidates along before you reach […]

As a recruitment technology company, we are sometimes mistaken by job seekers for a recruitment consultant / recruiter. When this happens, job seekers write in to our enquiry pages to apply for jobs. However, very often we will see terribly written resumes—those that we know our clients won’t want and neither will we. So we […]

At one of my previous jobs, we had a new CEO come aboard. He was rather personable and came around to speak with everyone. When he came by to my desk, it was like we were old friends just talking it up. I was very much in a junior position then and it felt good […]

We all have had those jokes about our HR departments, even the HR folk themselves! So what are some of the jokes that you’ve had? Share with them us! Check out a collection of some of them here.

The latest Labour Market Report by MOM is out. It covers the statistics from Quarter 2 (Q2) of this year. The numbers show that employment growth is still high with 33,700 jobs created and total employment was at 3,420,200 in June 2013. The seasonally adjusted vacancies declined over the quarter by 5.1% in June 2013, […]

Have you ever worked with someone who is simply does not put in their weight in the company? Or perhaps they are simply the wrong fit? If that is the case, we should bring into Singapore the latest reality show that is airing in the US. The Fox Network in the US launched a new […]

If you want to be noticed by recruiters, forget the standard résumé. Recruiters receive tons of these everyday. How do you stand out then? Simply send them a link that contains all the information about you; work history, education, skills and most importantly a video introduction of yourself. If a picture paints a thousands words, […]

When speaking with Recruiters, a common sentiment is shared by all of them: They go through many job applications every day—paper after paper, page after page, applicant after applicant. So how can you stand out? It is a rather known fact that the combination of Sight, Sound & Motion convey strong messages that no other […]

It is always puzzling how people—in general—become “shy” when placed in front of a camera. So there have been questions about how to look good when making their own video introductions on So we decided to compile a list of tips to help you out. This comes from the thousands of videos that we […]